Messing About In Ships

Episode #1 (December 7, 2007) by Peter A. Mello

Podcast – Episode 1

40 minutes

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John Konrad,

Peter A. Mello, Sea-Fever Consulting LLC

Sea Stories

COSCO Busan allision in San Francisco Bay (gCaptain)

Laura Gainey death aboard the tall ship Picton Castle (Sea-Fever)

MV Explorer sinking in Antarctica (gCaptain and Sea-Fever)

The Port of LA Commits to Changing Young Lives (Sea-Fever)

New Media Ports of Call

John’s recommendation: Telstar Logistics (website)

Peter’s recommendation: Tugster: A Waterblog (website)

This Week’s Music

“Botany Bay” by Captain Black Jack Murphy’s IRISH STOUDT from the Podsafe Music Network

Thank you for listening.

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Peter and John;
This is, how do you say nautically, an awesome sunrise! What a treat to have you both standing watch together and producing a great show of your combined talents, all for the mariner! I just may now go out and buy an ipod so I will not miss one second of your show. Congradulation!

Comment by Capt Bob Glover III

Might adding just a straight mp3 link to the sources for your podcast?

Comment by Kurt

Thanks for the great suggestion. Done.
Look forward to you joining in the conversation.
Happy Holidays and Fair Winds,

Comment by Peter A. Mello

Hey Bob;
Thanks for listening and for the positive feedback. Maybe we can get you on as a guest someday! Lot’s of things that you’re doing over at the Institute would be interesting to Messing About In Ships listeners.
Happy Holidays and Fair Winds,

Comment by Peter A. Mello


I just listened to Episode #1. Interesting to get information from the perspective of folks who a up on today’s technology on ocean traveling vessels. Here, the nearest water is from the Rio Grande (El Paso). During this time of the year you can walk across the Rio Grande at some points, so you do not see ships around here. But, the bridges going over the Rio Grande at our border crossings do meet nautical specifications allowing clearance for a ship’s mast.

Questions, how does bilge (sp?) water have effects on world’s ports, are there rules governing it’s transport? And, are we really over fishing the earth’s oceans?


James W. Peterson

Comment by James

[…] to our podcast on the M/V Explorer sinking HERE then read our previous posts HERE and […]

Pingback by M/V Explorer Found

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