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Messing About In Ships Podcast Episode #17 – TWIC by gcaptain
March 30, 2008, 7:48 am
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This week we bring you the real life experience obtaining a TWIC ( Transportation Worker’s Identification Card ) with Captain Kelly Sweeney, monthly contributor to Professional Mariner magazine and author of From the Bridge: Authentic Modern Sea Stories.

For more real life experiences in obtaining TWICs visit the TWIC Page of gCaptain’s Forum.

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Where’s the TWIC section on TSA’s – Evolution Blog?Tips:
-Make sure to pre-enroll AND make an appointment
-Pre-enroll by computer (not phone) and bring printed copies.
-Use protective gloves when handling paints, chemicals or dirty materials during the weeks prior to your TWIC appointment.Fingerprinting:
-Biometrics are good for identification NOT as a password

3% of transportation workers are estimated to have worn away their fingerprints.
Sub-contracted to Lockheed Martin

USCG License Consultants
9-5 M-F Pacific Time

Real Time TWIC information by mariners at gCaptain’s Forum. Post your story today:
gCaptain Mariner Forum

Stay Informed via TWIC blogs:
gCaptain blog TWIC pages

Latest TWIC News:

Google News – TWIC

Who must obtain a TWIC:

According to NVIC 03-07, the following individuals must obtain a TWIC:

“1) All credentialed U.S. merchant mariners with active credentials. This includes all persons holding a Coast Guard-issued Merchant Mariner License, Merchant Mariner Document, or Certificate of Registry;

“2) Anyone allowed unescorted access to secure areas of U.S.-flagged vessels, facilities, and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) facilities subject to 33 CFR Parts 104, 105, and 106 respectively (hereafter referred to as vessels and facilities);

“3) A vessel pilot;

“4) All individuals working aboard towing vessels that push, pull or haul alongside tank vessels.”



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The audio levels on this weeks episode was
so low that I couldn’t hear it on my
pc playing it with iTunes or on my stereo
playing it off my iPod. I have noticed
wide variations in audio levels in previous
episodes but usually it varied between

Comment by Renoun


My apologies, our chief editor was taking a vacation in Bermuda and left me at the controls this week.

The problem the other weeks is sometimes I’m recording from the ship, other times I record from home or on the road via skype. Each one sounds different and, due to the satellite connection, the audio quality from the ship is poor.

The other problem is Peter always records from the studio at his New England estate so equlizing the levels between his and my (low quality) connection is difficult.

Hopefully this doesn’t deter you too much from the content while we work on a better solution.


Comment by gcaptain

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