Messing About In Ships

Messing About In Ships Episode 20 by Peter A. Mello
April 25, 2008, 4:05 am
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Episode 20 of Messing About In Ships has launched.

(46 minutes)


Sea Stories


Swiss Cheese Theory of Incident Chain Management

Recent changes in Shipbreaking and Edward Burtynsky’s photos from Alang

America’s Port blog post about working in the maritime industry.

Updates on the salvage of the MSC Napoli and incident investigation.


Ship pilot John Cota charged with lying about prescription drug use

PBS’ Carrier, free episodes online.

Internet Ports of Call


Kennebec Captain

Bob Coutties redesigned site: Maritime Accident


Seaway Blog


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I would like expand on comments made in podcast #20 regarding background investigations. I have some knowledge in this field as I am former investigator for the US Office of Personnel Management. Background investigations for security clearances, especially those done for the MSC for Chief Mate and Master are exhaustive. All the facts provided or statements made by the applicant are checked and verified, either by computer or in person by a field investigator. Previous investigations are kept on file and are cross checked against the current submissions for any variations.

If there are issues in your past it is better to be up front and admit them. You will be given an opportunity to explain and admit you have learned from your past and will not repeat your transgressions. If you don’t admit issues and they are uncovered during the investigation it can be seen as an intentional act of deception or LYING. Then the perception of the applicant changes from someone who has had a problem in the past (that may have a reasonable explanation) to someone who is NOW A LIAR, and it is very difficult to explain a lie. If the applicant is lying about one thing what else are they lying about? The entire application is now in question.

Comment by Larry Rubin

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