Messing About In Ships

Messing About In Ships podcast episode 30 by Peter A. Mello
September 19, 2008, 10:58 pm
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Sea Stories


Google Catches Sea-Fever, Too

Significant loss for sail training – The sinking of the Irish Asgard II Waypoints 500 and 99 Days at Sea, Respectively

Roz Savage makes it to Hawaii after 99 rowing from San Francisco and Reid Stowe passed 1/2 point of 1000 Days at Sea.


Blogging in the Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine

Internet Ports of Call


Floater Magazine (via BLDBLOG)

Floater is an architectural online production. Contributions are assembled by different editors for each issue around a theme. Floater aims to present not the contemporaneity of architecture, but amalgamations of essays, articles, past and present projects within processes of recollection, appropriation and archiving


Unofficial Coast Guard Wiki

(33 minutes)

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Hello guys,
I’m a Cadet at CalMaritime in Vallejo California. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while. I recently changed from iTunes to a different podcast program. No where on your site is the regular xml or rss podcast feed! Isn’t there a link for the non-iTunes folks? Thanks!

Comment by drew

Hmmm. I’ll get our resident geek, John, to work on this. Sorry.

Comment by Peter A. Mello

I really appericate the gesture and effort you guys are putting into this.
I am a safety officer onboard a barge in West Africa. Is there anyway you could like send out topics to intrested people before the podcasts so that we can send in our own ideas too?

Comment by Rume Arawore

Good idea! You can always comment here with your ideas about topics. This week I sent out a note on Twitter about what we were planning to talk about so if you are there follow John (@gcaptain) and me (@petermello). We’re always looking for topics so we really encourage you to send your ideas.
We are shaking up the format a bit in 2009. We’ll be using more interviews of mariners. Let us know if you’re interested in participating.
Thanks for listening and commenting here. We’re trying to make things a little more interactive. Thanks for hanging in there with us. Pass the word to your fellow mariners.

Comment by Peter A. Mello

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