Messing About In Ships

Messing About In Ships podcast episode 31 by Peter A. Mello

(49 minutes)

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Women of Maritime Calendar


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Messing About In Ships Podcast Episode # 16 by Peter A. Mello

Messing About In Ships podcast episode #16 has launched.

(54 minutes)

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Indiana Dunes Hosts Severe Weather Program on April 13

The Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center is hosting a special weather program, titled “Severe Weather and You” on at 2pm, Sunday April 13. The special speaker, Rob Stormer, holds twin engineering degrees and is a Senior Master Salvor handling ship accidents worldwide. He is also a Skywarn severe weather storm spotter and tornado chaser and has spotted and chased storms both shore-side and at sea.

Rob will emphasize severe weather preparedness, and also discuss local severe weather phenomena that is experienced along the Great Lakes. In addition, a real life disaster tabletop exercise using the audience to role play first responders will be demonstrated to fully grasp severe weather response.

Though the program is free, there is the standard park gate fee of $5 for Indiana vehicles and $10.00 for out of state vehicles. Annual park passes are available. For more information about this program or others at Indiana Dunes State Park contact the Nature Center at (219) 926-1390.  Keep an eye on Robin Storm’s Severe Weather Watch for more information.

Listener/reader comments

David Toste – Hi Peter, just wanted to drop you a quick email since your always wondering about your listeners. I’m located just outside of Toronto(Canada), not in the Maritime biz, but a sailor on Lake Ontario. I believe I heard about the podcast on Furled Sails Podcast and have been listening almost right from the being. Really enjoy it even thought I’m not in the biz.

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Kristinn Soffanias Runarsson – “Great podcast! listener from Iceland.”

Storm Watch with Rob Stormer

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John – Queen of the North TSB safety board

Peter – London Bridge Twitter

How the Red Cross uses Twitter during disasters (Hint: So can YOU)

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John – Lloyds List blog

Peter – Daily Source Code

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Messing About In Ships Episode # 15 by Peter A. Mello
March 15, 2008, 3:26 am
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Messing About In Ships podcast episode #15 has launched.

(46 minutes)

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Listener/reader comments

MAIS – Thanks for the mention in episode 14, but Mataroa, a Polynesian word, is pronounced mat-a-rower. The original Mataroa (1922-1957) was a Shaw Savill liner on the New Zealand run. I’ve kept the name for a 30 foot steel off-shore ketch, now based at Lyttelton.

MAIS – Frank – WTF was with the marine wx band broadcast cut into the podcast???

Jerry – Great stuff! I really enjoy listening to your podcast.
I do often have a problem with audio level. John is often tough to hear so I turn up the volume and then Peter is way to loud. I understand the the difficulties especially when John is away on sea duty.
Interesting subjects, great interviews, keep up the great job.

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S/V Frenasi – “Listener Renoun usually messes around with boats here and in surrounding waters.”

Bill B – Hi Guys, Really enjoy the podcasts! I’m a former schooner captain and deep sea chief mate (still keep up the license) but now working ashore and keeping up with my teenage kids… Keep up the good work!

Storm Watch with Rob Stormer

Sea Stories

John – National Sleep Awareness Week

Tips – How To stay Awake On Watch

Peter – To London 2012: Jettison the logo but don’t abandon the ship

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Messing About In Ships Podcast Episode # 13 by Peter A. Mello
February 28, 2008, 5:14 am
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Messing About In Ships podcast episode #13 has launched.(42 minutes)

Listener/reader comments 

Comment by Billy Sabatini, February 23, 2008I liked the segment about the Jones Act and what it means to mariners. I would really like to hear the debate between why it should be done away with or to keep it the same. I agree that any legislation that was written when Babe Ruth was still getting used to playing for New York probably doesn’t relate to us now. Although I do think that if we went to a global market in shipping very few american mariners would want to stay in the industry when they could make more money by staying home. Also, the Black Crowes song made my from JB Bagby “Fort Macon Sail & Power Squadron” re the 75th birthday of the Sylvia II, a beautifully restored 36’ Core Sound sink net vessel fishing vessel out of Morehead City, NC area. Educational today. Looking for support.

Sea Stories 

John – S/S Independence Final Voyage – Hawaii Story – Flickr setsPeter – 1000 Days At Sea: Mars Ocean Odyssey // Reid Stowe Wikipedia entry

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John – TSA blog / US Coast Guard’s new website.Peter – 1000 Days of Hell // Sailing Anarchy forum: Couple Cruise for 1000 Days – 12,694 posts Download MP3 file: Messing About In Ships Episode 13Subscribe Via iTunes HERE

Messing About In Ships Podcast #9 by gcaptain

Here is episode #9 for your listening pleasure.


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Intro Notes:

Giants Win Superbowl!

Confined Space Casualties – A Call For Help

Mariner’s Perspective With Captain Kelly Sweeney

  • TWIC Card – Problems For Those Born Overseas


Internet Ports Of Call


Special Feature: Rescue Of The Sean Seymour II

Background Reading:

Messing About In Ships podcast #7 by gcaptain
January 27, 2008, 9:50 pm
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Episode 7 of Messing About In Ships is launched!

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Abbreviated Shownotes:

Updates On Your Co-hosts:

Peter’s meetings in Bermuda: Young Bermudians get chance for careers at sea

Another Free t-shirt offer… write for gCaptain


Library Of Congress Releases Maritime Photos

Ocean Kites – Top 10 Green Ship Designs

Kite Ships

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Peter’s Pick: A Shipwright in Training: from psychologist to boat builder

John’s Pick: Eurodam News Blog

Shellback Ceremony:

A Photo From John’s (not pictured) shellback ceremony. Featuring Captain Wolf Krusemark as King Neptune,  the crew as his minions and the ceremonial baby of the sea:

Shellback Ceremony