Messing About In Ships

The Bridge Team


Captian John Konrad

Captain John Konrad,


Peter A. Mello

Peter A. Mello, Sea-Fever Consulting LLC


“A Mariner’s Perspective”

Captain Kelly Sweeney

Captain Kelly Sweeney



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Great stuff! I really enjoy listening to your podcast.

I do often have a problem with audio level. John is often tough to hear so I turn up the volume and then Peter is way to loud. I understand the the difficulties especially when John is away on sea duty.

Interesting subjects, great interviews, keep up the great job.

Comment by Jerry

Thanks for listening and commenting!
We use a piece of software called Levelator to try to equalize the sound but we obviously haven’t mastered it yet. Thanks for you patience!

Comment by Peter A. Mello

Career Change.

I recently found your podcast. Thank you, I enjoy it. I have been on boats(recreational) since before I could walk. You talk a bit about jobs in the maritime fields. What opportunities exist for someone like me? I am about to turn 40. I am a project Manager involved with building efficiency and renewable energy projects
What type of training would be involved.



Comment by Craig

[…] remain high as was apparent on a live podcast done with the help of our favorite podcaster (after Peter of course) Leo Laporte on TWiT Live (Subscribe to the Podcast HERE). She does have some linguring […]

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